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Our Online Learning Courses will provide skills and training on how to apply novel data science techniques that benefit any sector of Scottish industry, such as agriculture, tourism, medicine and gaming. Further funding is available for the development of other online courses which contribute to data science training and education in Scotland and across the world.

We are delighted to be funding a range of Online Learning Courses this year, selected as the best projects from our Open Funding call in 2016.

The projects are being developed by the University of Strathclyde, University of Dundee, University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow in partnership with different industry sponsors.

Please follow the course links to register for any of the online courses.

Available Courses:

Data Science for Environmental Modelling and Renewables

A free online learning course created by University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde.

Discover how data science can help us understand environmental change. Environmental and climate change impact our lives, but how what role does data play in informing us about such changes to our world? On this online course, we examine and explore the use of statistics and data science in better understanding the environment we live in. You will develop data science skills learning from experts and completing hands-on modelling activities using real world environmental data and the powerful programming language R.

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Data Science in Stratified Healthcare and Precision Medicine

A course created by University of Edinburgh in collaboration with The Farr Institute, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme, NHS/NSS, IBM and Aridhia.

Course details:
In this course, you will learn about some of the different types of data and computational methods involved in stratified healthcare and precision medicine. You will have a hands-on experience of working with such data. You will learn from leaders in the field about successful case studies. This free 5-week course will run with an intake each month so you have an opportunity to enroll throughout the year.

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The Power of Data Science in the Health and Care Sector

This course is a collaborative project by the University of Strathclyde and UrbanTide, with an advisory team including members from FlyingBinary, NES and DHI.

Course details:
‘The Power of Data Science in the Health and Care Industry’ is an online course which targets health and care practitioners and project and change managers. On this course you’ll learn how to make the most of data. Find out what data should be gathered, best practices around data governance, what tools and techniques will help you manage and analyse data, and how to work collaboratively with data scientists and digital teams.

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Data Science for the Games Industry

An online learning course created as collaboration between University of Dundee, Outplay, Scottish Games Network, 4J Studios, Ninja Kiwi, Teradata, Big Consultancy and Enterprise Porridge.

Course details:
This course, targeting gaming industry experts and the gaming-interested alike, aims to teach participant’s how to store and effectively analyse these data goldmines by drawing on Scottish gaming case stories and the technical background.

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