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Collaborative Projects

The main vehicle for delivering near to market technology and matured research into local industry is through a series of collaborative innovation projects.

Projects seeking to leverage funding will be assessed by an industry-led panel and approved by The Data Lab's Innovation Advisory Board. Some of the calls may have a theme associated with them; these will be defined by industry through a series of collaborative workshops and sandpit events. Projects must have a clear commercialisation outcome in mind and have a contribution from an industrial or public sector partner. The contribution may be in-kind or cash and, in particular, focus will be on the end benefit to Scotland.

The Data Lab can only provide funding to university partners involved in the project. Eligible companies may be able to obtain innovation support from other sources including Scotland’s enterprise agencies (Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise), Innovate UK and EU programmes. The Data Lab will, where appropriate, seek to identify and signpost partners to appropriate support schemes that are appropriate to the project being proposed.

Data Lab projects will typically feature:

  • one or more industrial or public sector partners
  • one or more university researchers (ranging from senior academics to research associates)
  • professional project management staff to ensure that these projects run to plan to give industry the predictability they require
  • data scientists and software engineering staff allocated to work in collaborative teams featuring academic researchers and industry professionals
  • use of The Data Lab’s resources where available

Projects will vary in size, typically 3-12 months in length.

To learn more about the type of projects we fund, have a look at our case studies.

Find out how to apply for funding.

The Data Lab have access to Ultra, a supercomputer hosted by EPCC, which we can use to confidentially upload/store information, and use it as a platform for secure data analysis. Read more here.

Co-ordination of Strategic Bids

The Data Lab will act as a catalyst for securing further sources of funding from external sources such as Innovate UK, the European Union and the UK Research Councils. Resources will be provided to support bid writing with a focus on helping SMEs and Scottish-based organisations access larger sources of external funding (e.g. Innovate UK, EU) enabling them to expand their R&D activities. The Data Lab can also signpost companies to appropriate Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands support services.

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